Why Should You Have MTCNA Training at ITTC?

  • The experience of the trainer is already an expert class with high flying hours in various projects.
  • We eliminate the cost of purchasing a routerboard so that training costs can be reduced, routerboard is provided by us during the class.
  • The CHEAPEST fee, includes MTCNA Exam, Expert level trainer.
  • We are the only one in Indonesia that is able to organize the highest Mikrotik certification training, namely MTCINE, expert level trainer.
  • Participants will receive training modules in Indonesian as well as some supporting software.
  • Free to join the IDN mailing list, you can find work info and group discussions.
  • We compiled our own modules in Indonesian.
  • If the trainee fails the first exam, they will get the opportunity to take another FREE test (once) with a period of 1 month counting from the time the exam is held.
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Introduction to Training

innovation Technology training centers is the best Mikrotik Training partner has been registered as Certified MikroTik Training Partners and has the right to conduct training with certified trainers and at the same time has the right to hold international certification exams directly from MikroTik, Riga, Latvia.

This training is intended for those who want to learn the basics and functions contained in the MikroTik Routerboard, as well as features, implementation and general troubleshooting.

TThis training contains the theory and practice of lab simulations. To take part in training and certification exams, participants must have basic knowledge of TCP/IP.

MTCNA is a basic level certificate on Mikrotik. In this track, participants will learn to configure Mikrotik RouterOS to be distributed internet to clients, also learn to manage, and basic troubleshooting.

The MTCNA training at ITTC was held for 3 days. During the training, participants will gain knowledge about how to configure Mikrotik for small to medium size network needs. On the last day, participants will take a certification exam and will immediately receive international certification if they pass the exam


  • Participants receive an MTCNA international certificate to support their work
  • Participants get skills that can be used to build networks, especially Mikrotik
  • Participants gain skills to monitor and troubleshoot networks
  • Participants gain skills for self-problem solving, meaning that participants will gain the ability to solve problems independently


  • Mr TEAV Sovandara ( MTCNA(#1306NA177), MTCRE(#1309RE121), MTCTCE(#1310TCE003), MTCINE(#1310INE003), MTCWE(#1611WE063), MTCUME(#1611UME050), MTCIPv6E(1610IPv6E022) , TRAINER(#TR0480), CCNA and CCNP )


Module 1 MikroTik RouterOS Introduction

  • First time accessing the router + lab
  • Setup internet connection via router + LAB
  • TCP/IP Basics
  • Upgrade RouterOS logins + LAB
  • Manage routerOS services
  • Backup and export/import configuration + LAB
  • RouterOS license
  • NTP client configuration
  • Netinstall + LAB

Module 2 MikroTik RouterOS firewall

  • Firewall principles
  • Firewall filter in action
  • RouterOS connection tracking
  • Basic address list + LAB Source NAT
  • Destination NAT

Module 3 MikroTik RouterOS QoS

  • Simpe Queue + LAB
  • Bandwidth test + LAB
  • Interface traffic monitor
  • PCQ Queueing

Module 4 MikroTik RouterOS Network Management

  • ARP modes
  • RouterOS ARP table
  • DHCP server and client + LAB

Module 5 MikroTik RouterOS Wireless

  • Setup simple wireless link + LAB
  • MAC address filtering + LAB
  • MAC address filtering + LAB
  • MikroTik wireless protocols + LAB

Module 6 MikroTik RouterOS Bridging

  • Bridging concepts + Lab
  • Bridge wireless networks + LAB
  • Bridge wireless and remote networks + LAB

Module 7 MikroTik RouterOS Routing

  • Routing overview
  • Static routing

Module 8 MikroTik RouterOS Tunnels

  • Tunnel Overview
  • PPPoE
  • PPTP
  • L2TP
  • EoIP

Training Duration

  • BootCamp: 4day
  • Weekend: 3week
  • Evening: 2hour/day 3week