Why Should You Have MTCINE Training at ITTC?

  • We eliminate the cost of purchasing a routerboard so that training costs can be reduced, routerboard is provided by us during the class.
  • The CHEAPEST fee, including the MTCINE exam.
  • We are the only one in Indonesia that is able to organize the highest Mikrotik certification training, namely MTCINE, expert level trainer.
  • Trainer Expert in their field and has experience in the world of training and projects at home and abroad.
  • Free to join the IDN mailing list, you can find work info and group discussions.
  • We compiled our own modules in Indonesian.
  • Participants will receive an MTCINE IDN Training T-shirt.
  • A comfortable and beautiful training place so that training participants can comfortably participate in a series of lessons.

Introduction to Training

MikroTik Certified Internetworking Engineer (MTCINE) adalah sebuah program sertifikasi dari MikroTik untuk teknisi (Network Engineer) pada tingkatan expert. Dalam sertifikasi ini akan dibahas materi yang berhubungan dengan Internet Service Provider (ISP), yaitu routing protocol Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), serta teknologi Multi Protocol Layer Protocol (MPLS).

Well, for friends who want to study BGP and MPLS material in this MTCINE certification, the conditions must be to have an MTCRE certificate.


When working as a Network Engineer, NOC, and others, especially working in Internet Service Providers (ISP), will encounter several cases or configurations of BGP, and MPLS services. Therefore, many ISPs and System Integrators need Engineers who understand BGP and MPLS in theory, concept, and practice.

Friends who will study the MTCINE material will be guided by Trainers who have experience in the BGP and MPLS fields. There are even our trainers who attend workshops abroad to learn more about BGP and MPLS, and are ready to share with all of their friends.


Mr TEAV Sovandara ( MTCNA(#1306NA177), MTCRE(#1309RE121), MTCTCE(#1310TCE003), MTCINE(#1310INE003), MTCWE(#1611WE063), MTCUME(#1611UME050), MTCIPv6E(1610IPv6E022) , TRAINER(#TR0480), CCNA and CCNP )



  • What is Autonomous System
  • What is BGP
  • Path Vector algorithm
  • BGP Transport and packet types
  • iBGP and eBGP + LAB
  • Stub network scenarios and private AS removal + LaB
  • Non-stub scenarios + LAB
  • iBGP and eBGP multihop and loopback usage + LAB
  • Route distribution and routing filters + LAB
  • BGP best path selection algorithm
  • BGP Prefix attributes and their usage + LAB
  • BGP Route reflectors and confederations + LAB


  • What is MPLS (basic)
  • Static Label Mapping + LAB
  • Label Distribution (LDP) + LAB
  • What is Penultimate-hop-popping
  • MPLS traceroute differences
  • LDP based VPLS tunnels + LAB
  • What is Bridge Split Horizon + LAB
  • VPLS Control Word (CW) usage and MPLS
  • L2MTU importance nd MPLS fragmentation
  • BGP Based VPLS + LAB
  • VRF and route leaking + LAB
  • L3VPN (BGP based Layer3 tunnels) + LAB
  • OSPF as CE-PE protocol

Traffic Engineering

  • Traffic Engineering
  • What is traffic engineering and how it works
  • RSVP, Static path, dynamic path (CSPF) + LAB
  • Bandwidth allocation and bandwidth limitation differences and setting + LAB

Training Duration